Exploring Manual Therapy with Lisa Tran and Rohan Rampton.

Manual therapy seminar with Melbourne University and Victoria University students.

The seminar commenced with an insightful and collaborative presentation by Lisa Tran, clinical director and founder of Primal and our very own esteemed Osteopath Rohan Rampton. Rohan, drawing from his extensive experience and expertise in osteopathy, took the stage first. He offered attendees a unique perspective on manual therapy, emphasising hands-on approaches to healing. Rohan elaborated on the principles and methodologies that underpin effective manual therapy treatments, providing attendees with a solid foundation for understanding the practice.

Following Rohan’s presentation, Lisa Tran, continued to enrich the seminar with her wealth of knowledge. With her background in clinical practice, Lisa provided invaluable insights into the nuances of manual therapy. She shared her journey, shedding light on the evolution of manual therapy techniques and their efficacy in addressing a myriad of health concerns. Lisa’s presentation complemented Rohan’s, providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of manual therapy from both osteopathic and physiotherapy perspectives.

Through interactive demonstrations and compelling case studies, attendees were immersed in practical knowledge, enhancing their understanding of the intricate relationship between manual therapy and holistic wellness. This collaborative effort between Lisa and Rohan set a strong foundation for the seminar, laying the groundwork for the hands-on practical session that followed.

In addition to their joint presentation, Lisa Tran and Rohan Rampton seamlessly transitioned into leading the group through a practical session. Attendees eagerly participated as they were divided into smaller groups, each guided by Tran or Rampton, to practice the techniques demonstrated. The atmosphere buzzed with enthusiasm and camaraderie as participants exchanged insights, honed their skills, and provided feedback to one another. This hands-on experience proved invaluable, allowing attendees to gain confidence in their abilities and refine their proficiency in manual therapy.

The palpable energy of the practical session was further heightened by the accessibility of both Lisa Tran and Rohan Rampton. As the session drew to a close, Tran and Rampton generously allocated time to address questions and provide personalised guidance to individuals. Their willingness to engage directly with attendees underscored their commitment to fostering growth and mentorship within the field of physiotherapy. This dedication to mentorship is a hallmark of industry leaders at Primal Physiotherapy, reflecting their ethos of continuous learning and professional development.

The collaborative efforts of Lisa Tran and Rohan Rampton, in association with the Grad Project and Primal Physiotherapy, not only enriched the seminar experience but also underscored the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in advancing healthcare practices. By bridging the gap between theory and practice, they empowered attendees to translate knowledge into tangible skills, thereby enhancing the quality of care delivered to clients. This seminar served as a testament to the transformative impact that industry leaders can have when they come together to share their expertise and inspire the next generation of healthcare professionals.