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Primal Physiotherapy is the latest in physiotherapy. With state-of-the-art equipment and multiple gym-based rehab facilities across Melbourne (and growing!), we offer the best environment for learning, self-improvement, and growth. We advocate for everything a physio should really be… and more.

Primal Physiotherapy has expanded into multiple locations bringing with them an elite team of clinicians that have been developed through our onsite training program.

Here at Primal, we want you to succeed and not become a victim of poor practice. We are invested in developing you into a leading clinician and give you the opportunity to grow into leading roles throughout our locations.

Be a part of Melbourne’s fastest-growing Physiotherapy clinics and become a leader of the industry.

Lisa Tran

Lisa Tran

Owner of Primal Physiotherapy, Clinical Educator & Founder of The GPO

Our Philosophy

At Primal®, we strive for nothing less than the best and that our community deserves a high standard level of care. Our vision is to shape the future of healthcare by bringing like-minded individuals onboard that are wanting to constantly learn and adapt their passion. Our purpose lies in giving the best treatment for every individual and getting them back on track with their lives.

We dedicate endless hours to developing our clinicians and invest heavily in staff training and improving processes and procedures.

At Primal® headquarters in Camberwell (VIC), we opened a specialised, purpose built state-of-the-art education and training facility with a mission to constantly develop and adapt our clinicians with the ever-changing world of healthcare.

At Primal®, we deliver personalised, high-end healthcare that is second to none.

Career growth at Primal®

Our goals lay in producing the best possible clinicians through our onsite graduate and mentoring program that is tailored to the individual to enhance their potential.

We are looking for innovative, creative and progressive experienced OR new graduate therapists to join our team at Primal Physio Braybrook, Camberwell & Taylors Hill locations! We are currently looking to hire remedial therapists or myotherapists.

Our vision is to provide the best service possible to our clients and empower them to self-manage. We do not compromise on service and ensure that all our clients receive the best care possible from our team.

Candidates with the right attitude, beliefs, commitment and work ethic will be prioritised when filling this role.

Please send your cover letter and resume clearly outlining why YOU would be the right fit for Primal Physiotherapy.

Graduate Positions 2022 become a Primal Physiotherapist.

Our team are built to outperform.

Physio/Osteo/Remedial/Myotherapist position

About you:

• Must have excellent communication and personable skills.

• Strength and conditioning background or interests in the area required, with the willingness to expand clinical areas.

• Must have the motivation and drive to progress in your career – we are looking for leaders that can potentially lead their own practice.

• Strong leadership skills and initiative.

• MUST be available min 2 evenings and/or Saturdays mornings. Rosters will be a combination of mornings and evenings. We are currently looking to fill Braybrook and Taylors Hill, and Camberwell.

About the job:

• Attractive employee rates.

• Private practice caseload – predominantly sports & musculoskeletal. We also take on TAC, Workcover, Medicare and NDIS clients including home visits.

• Professional development provided including weekly team caseload meetings and team PD, led by our senior clinicians, as well as training workshops to help you improve your skills.

• External professional development funding..

• Full support from our senior staff  and your team members. We encourage team learning.

• Growing company with a lot of opportunities to progress to a management role. We have our sights on growth and are looking for like-minded individuals who want to succeed in their careers – we want the leaders in our industry.

• Start date negotiable and dependant on the candidate.

Andreas Zacharakis

Andreas Zacharakis

Primal Senior Physiotherapist Taylors Hill

How was your experience with us as a student and being a part of our graduate programme?

While studying to become a physiotherapist, I was selected by Primal from their student mentorship programme. It was really great to see how a real physiotherapist works and be given the opportunity to put everything we learnt into practice. When I started with Primal, I was immediately placed into the graduate programme. This was extremely helpful with the weekly PD’s and review sessions as we got to see and learn how to assess and treat conditions in a real-world scenario. The knowledge and expertise of the physiotherapists were also very high and were very approachable if I had any questions.

Why did you chose Primal Physiotherapy?

I chose Primal as they take an active approach to physiotherapy while also treating every client in a respectable and holistic manner.  As a team they are also fantastic and make you feel you are part of a family.

What experience and development have you seen with Primal the past year?

Over the past year Primal has been constantly changing and adapting as a company and the individuals themselves. Primal is constantly trying to better themselves and having the most up to date equipment and standard of treatment. With that they have helped me on my path to being the physiotherapist I want to be.


What opportunities have you been presented with at Primal?

With Primal I have been able to hone my skills as a physiotherapist and as a leader. This has helped me to excel and I am very grateful. Primal has given me the opportunity to be a team leader within Primal and set me on the path to be able to lead a whole team and one day run a clinic.




How is the team environment?

The team environment is very welcoming and helpful. Everyone is always ready to help one another while also very knowledgeable to bounce ideas and theories off. It is great to come into work and have a family vibe.


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