We see the person, not the diability.

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What makes Primal different?

Primal Physiotherapy is an NDIS Registered Physiotherapy provider. We make its easy to achieve the best outcome for you.

Do you get ignored and have people talk about you, not to you but direct to a companion, aide, or interpreter?

Has your treatment been substandard in the past because people just don’t understand YOU?

At Primal Physiotherapy, we treat the person first!

Learn more from our NDIS Ambassador, Matt Gibson.

Our Physiotherapists actively see participants with:

  • Motor Neuron Disease
  • Stroke
  • Mental Illness
  • Developmental delay
  • Spinal disorders
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Intellectual Disabilities
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • and many more!

We provide treatment options for:

  • Pain management
  • Improving strength & range of motion
  • Recommendation of equipment aids and mobility
  • Advice on management of your condition
  • Tailored report writing to ensure you can access the services you require

Our team strive to work with you to ensure you have the greatest recovery to independence, wellbeing, and freedom.

Hear what our NDIS client and ambassador, Matt, has to say.

Hear what our NDIS client and ambassador, Matt, has to say.


The team at Primal are not like any other physiotherapists I’ve seen in the past. The rehabilitation they provide is guided by the most caring,  proactive, and down to earth people I’ve ever grown with. Not only have they helped me with my physical health but also my mental health, and that I really appreciate.

I encourage you to experience the first consultation with Primal Physiotherapy to see the difference

What makes Primal different to other Physio's you’ve seen?

Their attention to detail and the way they care. Primal Physios ask more appropriate questions rather than generic ones. When they do ask a question, they listen to me and actually care about what I’ve just told them. I’ve been disabled since 1991 and I’ve seen quite a few physios in that time, and most of them have been quite disappointing, but as soon as I started at Primal, I knew that they were a great fit for me.

How has Primal helped you with your NDIS resources and how have they made your life easier?

Lisa was a very important and vital part of my yearly NDIS review, because she made sure that I got all the funding I needed. If it wasn’t for Lisa, I would probably still be underfunded and be suffering because of it. I really rely on physiotherapy to keep my body functioning and alleviate the pain I get, so when I got the approval for the new plan, I was stoked. Not only did she get my physiotherapy funding, but she also managed to secure more funding for personal training. Something that wasn’t really going to benefit Primal because I have a personal trainer, but just goes to show how much she cares. They handle all the invoices which is great for me because it means that I can just focus on my physiotherapy.

What approach has Primal taken with your disability and how do you feel they view you?

Unlike any other physiotherapist has done in the past. Sure they know that I have a disability, but they don’t carry on like I have one. Instead, they get me involved in the therapy and treat me like a person first, then treat my disability as I would expect. I feel like they view me as a regular person, just with a few physical limitations, and that’s the way I want to be viewed. By everyone in in my life.

What makes you stay with Primal?

Because to them, you’re more than just another patient and they make you feel that way. I feel like I’m a part of the “family” at Primal.

What would you say to anyone looking for a physiotherapist on NDIS?

Find one that treats you with respect and doesn’t patronise or talk down to you. One that knows what they’re talking about when they are treating your ailment, and explains things to you in a way that makes sense. It doesn’t matter how you are managed (self, plan or NDIA), you have the right to request a different physiotherapist, so get one that you are 100% happy with and don’t settle for anything else. If you have the chance, I would most definitely recommend giving Primal a shot at helping you out because I’m sure you won’t regret it.



2016 – 2022

Harper Murnane

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Eloise Moore
I’m a big fan of primal physio they have fixed my back and neck a few times. Massive thanks to Maddy who now has my daughter netball ready after an injured coccyx. I highly recommend Maddy and Primal Physio.
Gordon So
Would definitely recommend, had a great experience here. Very friendly and informative staff that were able to help identify and rectify mobility issues.
Nesha Page
Went in with concerns about a stiff neck and was pleasantly surprised at how good the service was at Primal Physio. The admin staff are super friendly and always down for a chat and the physio I’ve been seeing, David, is super knowledgeable and helped with everything from treatment, stretches to do at home and advice for office setup to help me. Would highly recommend to anyone! Thanks for your help guys ☺️☺️
This is the best physio in the area, and I have been to four of them. Lisa is friendly and warm, and an expert in her field. Most importantly, she has helped me overcome my painful tennis elbow. The reception staff are also always friendly and professional. James K is also an excellent physio - he is very professional, knowledgeable, and personable.


NDIS Physiotherapy

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a way of supporting people with permanent and significant disability. The NDIS is designed to give individuals greater choice and control over when, where and how their funded supports are provided. The specific support and funding available is based on each individual’s specific needs. You can find out more about what therapeutic supports are funded by referring to the NDIS website.

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At Primal Physiotherapy Braybrook, we accept private health insurance with on-the-spot claims with companies such as Bupa, Medibank, NIB, AHM, HCF, and many more!

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