Rohan Rampton Primal Osteopath

My name is Rohan Rampton, I am born and raised in Melbourne Australia, and have strong rooted connections with my Nordic heritage.
I have always had a keen interest in the medical field, and have pursued my calling to help those around me become the very best versions of themselves and lead a pain-free and strong life. I completed my studies at RMIT, and have taken the challenge of pursuing medicine as a further career to become a medical doctor, as I want to utilize my osteopathic skills, strength/training experience and medical knowledge to fulfil my number one goal of giving everyone the best patient-centered care. My journey as a healthcare practitioner began in 2017, and with competition of my degree in Osteopathy in 2021, I started practicing at Primal Physiotherapy early 2022. Private practice allows me to gain an abundance of knowledge from my co-workers, helping as many people as I can, ensuring I have that extra step when I start medical school.

I have a long history of competitive combat sports and powerlifting. Being raised training muay thai and karate, then later shifting to freestyle wrestling to better develop myself as a well-rounded fighter. I have always engaged in weightlifting to better enhance my strength, but within the last 7 years, I have taken my powerlifting to the platform and competed at an elite level against the best. I also endeavor to compete at the 2026 commonwealth games in men’s freestyle wrestling, as representing Australia as a minority in such a prestigious sport will be a true-life experience. With many years of training and competitive experience in such sports, comes many injuries. As such, my keen interest in rehabilitation and strength training as a way to overcome injuries improve performance was derived from my own injury experiences.

What drew me to osteopathy was the holistic and rounded approach practitioners take when assessing, treating and managing patients. Looking at the body as a whole structural unit/framework, osteopathy looks further than just the injury, and engages areas such as lifestyle, general health, psychosocial aspects and incorporates many systems into how we treat. This appeals to me as injuries are more than just a nuisance to an area, and can impact one’s everyday life from work, to hobbies, and can negatively impact one’s mental state; Which are all important in leading a pain-free and strong lifestyle. I value up-to-date research and best practice guidelines to ensure that my delivery of care within the treatment room and self-management is transparent; always ensuring to give my patients that edge in their rehabilitation and treatment experience. I firmly believe in the development of a strong body and mind to overcome even the most debilitating of injuries, allowing my patients to have control in their journey to a pain-free life

Outside my love for powerlifting and wrestling, my hobbies are sitting down and reading a good fantasy book in the sun with coffee, as well as aquascaping my many fish tanks into realistic and natural ecosystems. I also relish playing video games in my downtime with my friends, and enjoy hiking in the wilderness

How do I treat? I utilize a broad scope of treatment to best engage and manage a patient’s pain. Using patient and practitioner cooperation, I understand my patients preferred treatment types, and always within their capacity, incorporate exercise and strength-based systems to allow the best possible outcomes. I utilize HVLA (high-velocity, low-amplitude) joint manipulations, soft tissue, myofascial release techniques and dry needling for a more intense treatment approach with exercise and strength training as an adjunct to all my hands on treatment. I also use therapeutic massage, counter-strain, muscle energy techniques (METs) with rigid taping and cupping for a gentler approach to treatment. What you will expect when seeing me as your osteopath is not only a well-rounded experience, but you won’t be left in the dark without in-depth consideration of all aspects of your life and pain experiences. Nothing is worse than shallow treatments without explanation and no guidance on how to truly overcome and handle your injuries. Come visit me at Primal physiotherapy and witness what we can achieve together.

Rohan Rampton Primal Physiotherapy