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Lisa Tran

Lisa Tran

Director and Principal Physiotherapist

“After a few years in the industry, I was unimpressed, demotivated and the outlook for quality healthcare looked bleak. Instead of being a part of that, I wanted to change the way we approached healthcare and not leave anyone behind – everyone deserves excellent healthcare. We opened Primal ® with the vision to revolutionise healthcare and put our client’s health at the forefront of our business. I am passionate about our industry and I am committed to making a difference in our client’s lives. We do not just treat an injury, we treat the person and in turn, change their lives.” – Lisa Tran.

Our Philosophy

At Primal®, we strive for nothing less than the best and that our community deserves a high standard level of care. Our vision is to shape the future of healthcare by bringing like-minded individuals onboard that are wanting to constantly learn and adapt their passion. Our purpose lies in giving the best treatment for every individual and getting them back on track with their lives.

We dedicate endless hours to developing our clinicians and invest heavily in staff training and improving processes and procedures.

At Primal® headquarters in Camberwell (VIC), we opened a specialised, purpose built state-of-the-art education and training facility with a mission to constantly develop and adapt our clinicians with the ever-changing world of healthcare.

At Primal®, we deliver personalised, high-end healthcare that is second to none.

Our Facilities

Here at Primal®, we live by our mission of leading the industry to a stronger future with unprecedented results. With innovation and purpose in mind, each clinic is designed to cater to the holistic nature of healthcare and with the vision of life-long results. The timeless design of each clinic offers a comfortable setting for clients to get their health back on track. Each clinic offers an intimate setting of separate treatment rooms, along with an open plan gym, designed to get clients comfortable with self-management and empowerment over their conditions.

Along with the mission to deliver quality healthcare to the community, we are committed to education and training of our staff. To ensure quality and standards across clinical practice and delivery, Primal® clinicians are all trained within our clinics and at our dedicated, purpose built, state of the art training facility at Primal® Headquarters in Camberwell (VIC). We dedicate countless hours on continuous improvement so that our clients can receive the healthcare that they deserve.

Custom built training facility the industry has never seen before.

Our team are built to outperform.

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