Yakup Kilci

Yakup (Jacob) Kilci – Primal Physiotherapist

Hi! My name is Yakup, but you can call me a Jacob, and I am one of the physiotherapists here at Primal! I completed my Master of Physiotherapy at Swinburne University. Growing up, I had played soccer competitively around Melbourne (some of the clubs I had played for include Hume City FC, Hume United, Green Gully, Fawkner Blues). Since becoming a physiotherapist, I have transitioned into playing futsal (indoor soccer) on Sundays as it allows me to still enjoy kicking a ball with less of my time as a requirement. I also did boxing for a year and consider myself a casual fan of the the sport. However, my greatest hobby currently is weightlifting. I classify as your typical “gym junky”. All of this may make me sound like I’m the ultimate athlete, but don’t let that fool you. I’m still just your average joe, unfortunately. Outside of physiotherapy and sports, I have an unnatural habit of researching about various non-essential topics (for example, I know a lot about fashion, cinematography, cryptocurrency, and much more). So, you never know, you might have an interest or passion which I understand a little more than I should. However, I believe that this allows me in building stronger connections with patients, which I think is important. I make sure that I always build a strong and respectful relationship with patients, because this allows them to gain my trust as a physiotherapist, which is essential in a rehabilitation setting.

I realised growing up that, in my entire life I had this interest towards sports and the capabilities of the human body. This interest grew into a passion about understanding the body on a more scientific level, which lead me to studying physiotherapy. I wanted to work in an industry that allowed me to apply this passion into practice so that I can help others. Thus, physiotherapy. This passion within me grows with each day and each patient that I see. One of my favourite aspects of physiotherapy is problem solving. I love finding the solution to a problem that a patient presents to me. A case example that I am proud of is this one patient who had come in with severe hip pain. This pain had caused the patient to walk with a limp and feel pain with any movement. Prior to this issue, the patient had walked with no issues, like any other person. Once I assessed the patient, I noticed that the issue in the hip is coming from their spine (i.e. disc irritation). Once I treated the patient’s spine/discs, instead of their hip, they recovered within three sessions without any symptoms of pain or limping remaining (a key example of problem solving and how the body is a chain that has parts which interact).

I invest myself heavily into a patient’s rehab journey, so their emotions are something that I like to share, because I am experiencing that journey alongside them. Every person should strive to be the best version of themselves, and as a physiotherapist, I make sure that I play my part in helping people achieve that exact thing when they are met with barriers, such as injuries or pain.

I don’t have a ‘one size fits all’ approach to treatments. I make sure that I adjust my treatments according to the patient’s goal and lifestyle. Rarely will you ever hear me tell a patient to take time off something that they are passionate about, so that they may rest. I prefer to get patients better without them having to temporarily sacrifice their hobbies (i.e. a sport that you may play or gym). However, I still make sure that I advise them correctly, and if I think they would benefit more from resting then I will advise that. The end goal is still the same, getting the patient better and pain-free, but I make sure that the journey towards that goal is one that the patient can enjoy. Regardless of what you do for a living, what your hobbies are, what your condition is, I will make sure that you get better and enjoy the process. I will be a part of the journey, not just during the sessions, but between them as well. I make sure to contact my patients outside of sessions to see if they have any concerns or questions, just so that they don’t have to wait to see me to raise these questions/concerns. I have experience with and can treat various conditions. Whether it is a deep tissue massage to reduce the tension/soreness in a muscle, a spinal manipulation to relieve the stiffness within your neck/spine, taping to provide stability to a joint, or exercise prescription to increase tolerance and capacity within tissues, I have various skills within my toolset as a physio to help treat many and all conditions.

If all of this sounds like something that you can resonate with, then hopefully I will be seeing you soon at Primal!

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