Anthony Belanti

Anthony Belanti Primal Physiotherapist

Hi there! My name is Anthony and I am one of the physiotherapists here at Primal. I completed a Bachelor of Exercise Science at RMIT University and a Masters of Physiotherapy at Swinburne University. I played many sports while growing up and found my greatest success in soccer which is where my passions lie. My main hobbies include soccer, fishing, Formula 1, travelling, and discovering new and exciting restaurants.

From a young age, I always knew that I wanted to peruse a rewarding career where I could help others. Compassion and empathy have always been a part of my nature and physiotherapy has provided me with the perfect platform to work in a field that is not only extremely fulfilling, but that I am also deeply passionate about.

One of my proudest accomplishments in my career so far was assisting Oakleigh Cannons FC in winning back-to-back NPL titles and reaching the Semi-finals of the Australia Cup. This was an amazing experience as we took on the likes of Sydney FC and Macarthur FC respectively.

I have always prided myself as a professional that is committed to his clients, is hard working, and dedicated to continual learning. I also firmly believe in building strong rapport with my clients that is based on honesty and trust, to provide a safe and supportive environment as I guide them along their rehabilitative journey.

Thanks to my heavy involvement in sport growing up, I often found myself in the physiotherapists office as I recovered from various injuries. It was from these frequent visits that I developed an admiration for the profession and decided to pursue physiotherapy as a career. Physiotherapy also allowed me to combine my interests in human anatomy and physiology together with my love of exercise and rehabilitation.

My mission as a physiotherapist is simple, I want to provide my clients with the tools necessary to get them back to their best. A session with me firstly begins by establishing realistic and meaningful goals for you to work towards. I then believe in a combined treatment approach of both manual therapy and exercise modalities to help you recover and regain your independence.

Working together, we can devise solutions to best address your individual needs and goals!

I aspire to work with my you to not only understand your condition, but your lifestyle, occupation, and personal needs as well. It is from this firm foundation of mutual understanding that a tailored and holistic treatment plan can be made to provide you with the knowledge and resources you to take charge of your own rehabilitation.

By putting your trust in me to guide you throughout your rehabilitation, you know that you will receive a quality healthcare experience that is holistic, collaborative, and most importantly, effective. I am committed to getting to know you and becoming a valuable resource throughout your rehabilitation and beyond. Together, we can embark on this journey to both maximise your performance and improve your quality of life.