Andreas Zacharakis Primal Physiotherapist

My name is Andreas, and I am very happy to be a Primal senior Physiotherapist. I studied physiotherapy at Monash University and loved every minute of it. Working does keep me busy but when I can I love to swim and play indoor soccer on the weekends. Whenever I can I also love both Mexican food and to dance salsa!

I became a physiotherapist as I have always wanted to help people. I believe regardless of the situation; young or old, rich, or poor, everyone should have the right to get the help they need and deserve to be pain free and the best they can be.

One of my happiest moments was the very first client I saw here at Primal after having a rotator cuff surgery. From being completely immobile within his arm, to returning to work and into the gym without any pain, seeing how happy he was and seeing the impact that was made demonstrated to me the reason why I became a physiotherapist. After a few years of working and doing what I love, I am now a Senior Physiotherapist here at Primal. I also teach students to help future physiotherapists provide the best possible care and make sure that we help and impact peoples lives.

I believe that everyone deserves the best health care and advice. Regardless of the injury, I will always strive for the best outcome and aim for nothing less. That is something I have carried with me in life and how I carry every single treatment with every single client.

After finishing my Year 12 studies, I first completed a Biomedical Science Degree followed by my Physiotherapy Degree with Honours. It was a long and hard journey with many years studying and persistence to stay the course. Even though this was not the easiest path to take, helping people is something I always wanted to do and made me feel proud and full at heart. To this day, I do not regret the decision I made to continue to pursue my dream in becoming a physiotherapist regardless of how long it took me to get where I am today.

Physiotherapy generally consists of both hands-on manual therapy and exercise-based rehabilitation. Working over the years and seeing multiple different injuries, I take this approach and make sure it is holistic and catered towards what the client needs. Everyone is different and everyone should be listened to and treated specifically to their situation.

By coming to see myself and putting your trust in me, you will know that 100% of time, care and effort will be taken to make sure you experience the best quality in health care but more importantly achieve results. Through the years, I have gained both experience and knowledge to take care of any injury or concern you may have and on this journey, we will get you back on track and pain free.

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