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Jordan Walsh – Primal Physiotherapist

Introducing Jordan: Your Dedicated Primal Physio

Hi there! My name is Jordan and I am a physiotherapist here at Primal Physiotherapy. I completed my Masters in Physiotherapy at Swinburne University after finishing my undergraduate studies in science, majoring in Anatomy from the University of Melbourne. Growing up I played a variety of sports including Basketball, AFL, Soccer and Tennis. My Hobbies include going to the gym, playing sports of any kind (I’m super competitive), getting into the great outdoors and most of all, hanging with my friends. I’m a very inquisitive person so I do take an interest in other topics such as filmography, geography and trivia (so yes, I’m full of fun facts!). I believe this breadth of knowledge across different areas allows me to build deeper connections with patients.

Throughout my adolescence, my inquiry into human anatomy and how it adapts to extreme circumstance drove me to look deeper into the physiology of the body. It had always fascinated me how us as people are so adaptable and malleable to the circumstance our environment puts us in. This coupled with my genuine passion for helping others (and a couple of injuries of my own along the way) drove me to undertake physiotherapy as a career. Being on the patient journey, seeing their ups and downs and standing by them every step of the way give me immense gratification. I love empowering them, and assisting them to take control of their pain and their rehab. I consider myself lucky to be apart of this profession as I get to make a real difference to peoples lives.

I’ve had plenty of experience working with post-operative patients from total hip and knee surgeries as well as arthroscopic clean outs. Ranging from their first days post surgery all the way to returning to their tailored goals, whether this be a specific sport or just being able to pick up their grandchildren! These lived experiences are what drive me to become a better clinician and person holistically. Working alongside these amazing people is what really gets me up in the morning!

I have held a role at the a football club AJAX FC in the VAFA league for multiple years now, with strength and conditioning implementation, game day injury assessment and return to play testing as my main role. So as you could imagine! I have a special interest in sporting based injuries and injury preventions. But this doesn’t mean you have to be an athlete for me to help you! An integral question I’ll ask everyone is ‘what do you want to get out of our session together?’. I ask this so that I can tailor our sessions towards you’re goals, whether that be pain or function related and anything in-between.

I aim to make our sessions collaborative and informative so feel free and don’t be shy to ask me any questions about you’re condition or symptoms. I believe that a better understanding of you’re own body puts you in a prime position to tackle your rehab head-on. My medicine is movement, so expect some active components to our sessions, but i’ll ensure to integrate them into you’re everyday life.