Lower back pain is one of the MOST common issues we see as physios and occurs in people of all ages and activity levels.

Lower back pain, although may seem isolated, can come from a variety of different sources. It is very important to seek professional advice on how to fix your back pain as everyone is different, and you will find that what you respond well to, won’t work with others.

Hi! it’s Lisa from Primal Physiotherapy.
I am a clinical educator.

Lisa Tran

These exercises are designed to only give you SHORT TERM relief.

Exercise #1 – Child Pose

Child pose is a great stretch to help stretch a muscle in your back called your quadratus lumborum. This stretch is great for those with one-sided pain and the beauty of the stretch is you can go as little or as far as you like! Be guided by your pain levels. We started teaching the side-to-side variation for child pose because it helps give people an extra stretch in their back!

Step 1 – you sit onto your heels and stretch as far forward as you can.

Step 2 – move our arms all the way to one side and hold for 3 seconds

Step 3 – repeat onto the other side

Exercise #2  – Glute stretch

The glute stretch is commonly prescribed for those with tight glute muscles. The glute muscles, when tight, can cause havoc on the back. This stretch will help alleviate the tightness in these muscles. The important thing is to ensure that you seek a physiotherapist’s help with assessing your pain. If a muscle is tight, it is likely underworking or even overworking! The stretch will temporarily help to reduce your tightness.

Step 1 – straighten out one knee pop the other knee on top

Step 2 –  Bring your heel towards your bottom as close as you can and we hold that stretch for five seconds

Step 3 – repeat onto the other side


Exercise #3 – Cat Camel

Cat Camel (or as some call it, Cat Cow) is a great exercise to get mobility back into the back. If you have back pain, you will find your body becomes very stiff as a way to protect us from causing ourselves more harm. Cat camel is a great exercise to teach the body and the spine to move again. The most important thing is to make sure that you are going within your pain limits and to not push yourselves into pain

Step 1: Be on all fours, hands are parallel with our shoulders knees are parallel with our hips

Step 2: Round our back and our spine – feel the stretch

Step 3: after we’re going to arch through and lookup



Back pain is such a complex issue and you should not look at these exercises as your be-all and end-all. Back pain is complex and so, needs a thorough assessment and treatment plan by a health professional.

Primal Physiotherapy has a team of professional sports physiotherapists and musculoskeletal physiotherapists that can properly assess your pain and where it is coming from. We use this information to develop a tailored treatment plan that can help get you back to your goals – whatever they may be!

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