Dann Bay Primal Physio 1

Dann Bay – Primal Physiotherapist

Introducing Dann: Your Dedicated Primal Physio


Hi there, my name is Dann, one of Primal’s physiotherapists. I completed my Bachelor of Health Sciences at La Trobe University in 2021, which paved the way into the Master of Physiotherapy Practice course offered at La Trobe University, Bundoora, which I completed in 2023.

I enjoy playing volleyball socially, and I also enjoy going to the gym regularly to improve my physique and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. My hobbies include catching up with friends and family, and going on hikes and runs, including coffee and pastry runs!

I’ve always wanted to help people. I have encountered a multitude of vulnerable patients from various backgrounds and circumstances who have been negatively impacted in some way, solidifying my passion for reaching out and offering help to those in need. have found that being a physiotherapist has provided me the opportunity to be in a position to help others reach their goals through addressing any physical dysfunctions that they may present with.

My biggest accomplishment would be seeing my patients and clients smiling. It doesn’t seem like much, but everyone comes from different circumstances, backgrounds and they all have their own stories to tell. I have found that through physiotherapy – from providing exercise, massage and even spending time to listen to their concerns I can help those with different impairments and conditions who are struggling to overcome barriers and help improve their quality of life, putting a smile on their face!

The pride of Primal Physiotherapy in its strong sense of community and excellence in patient care resonates deeply with me. I strive to make a positive impact in people’s lives through delivering high quality, safe, person-centred care.

My journey to becoming a physiotherapist has been marked by a dedication to learning, a commitment to patient-centred care and interests in living a healthy, active lifestyle. Throughout my education I have developed a strong foundation in theory and practical skills within physiotherapy, and I have had the opportunity to refine my ability to assess, diagnose and treat a range of conditions and injuries. During my clinical placement’s experiences at Cabrini, Western Health and Epworth, I have gained valuable insight into the hospital and facilitating rehabilitation programs for musculoskeletal surgeries, closely monitoring cardiorespiratory patients to maintain and improve capacity and endurance, and aiding neurological patients in long-term management for chronic conditions such as those living with Parkinson’s Disease and stroke. This is further enhanced through my previous role working as a Grade 3 Allied Health Assistant at Western Health. Through these opportunities, I have had the privilege of actively contributing to patient rehabilitation regarding mobility and physical function, which overall has refined my clinical skills in providing patient-centred care.

I am equipped with the tools and knowledge to kickstart your journey through rehab through an appropriate subjective and objective examination, and creating a treatment plan that is individualised and tailored to your needs. As an active listener, I carry a patient-centric attitude with my ability to empathise and respect each individual, building strong bonds regardless of differences, which will help create positive therapeutic experiences. Taking things further, I will be able to initiate an exercise program in collaboration with you that will address your impairments, giving you the opportunity to overcome barriers and assist you in reaching your goals!