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Quynh Tran – Primal Client Services

Introducing Quynh:


Hello! I’m Quynh Tran, the Senior Administrator at Primal Physiotherapy. When I first joined Primal, I was quite reserved and shy. Over the years, Primal has helped me grow my confidence and enabled me to blossom into a confident leader, providing exceptional customer service and guiding our admin team and clinicians with their everyday duties to help make their roles more efficient. I take immense pride in our administrative services, collaborating closely with our clinicians to ensure a stellar experience for everyone.

I’m deeply passionate about Primal’s mission to assist people from all walks of life. This resonates with my own goal of uplifting the community, especially younger individuals who need that extra encouragement to reach their full potential. One of my proudest moments here was when a client thanked me for making her weekly appointments the highlight of her week, emphasising our team’s compassion and positive impact.

Over the years at Primal, I’ve learned so much and genuinely enjoy each day spent with the team and clients. Not only do I love the beautiful, clean space at Primal, but I also find fulfillment in uplifting the team and our clients, striving to be the highlight of people’s days when they come to Primal. Many of my best memories stem from the positivity and fulfillment I experience at Primal, where my personal and professional development have flourished, pushing me to come out of my shell and uphold high standards in all aspects of life. At Primal, I have come to understand how important it is to hold high standards for yourself, and I carry this practice with me in work, life, and school. These high standards reflect our clean and beautiful space, our unforgettable experience, and the overall fantastic vibe in the clinic!

Currently, I’m pursuing a Bachelor of Education, inspired by the dedicated educators at Braybrook College who create a nurturing environment for students. Witnessing our Clinical Director Lisa’s dedication to educating the team, Students and graduates with passion at Primal has further fueled my passion for teaching.

Outside of work, I enjoy tutoring students to help them achieve their academic goals. Seeing my students grow and succeed academically brings me immense joy. Staying in shape is important to me, so I love going to the gym for its mental fortitude and discipline-building benefits. I also have experience in real estate, focusing on customer service, sales prospecting, and property management as a leasing consultant, aiding tenants in finding homes to live in.

On a personal note, I come from a lovely family of seven people. Being the youngest, I deeply appreciate my siblings, and their support has been invaluable. My big sister’s gift of the full collection of Roald Dahl novels sparked my love for reading and ultimately influenced my desire to become an educator. Even now, this has been one of the most meaningful gestures I have ever received. “Boy: Tales of Childhood” by Roald Dahl is my favorite book, as it’s a playful autobiography about growing up that holds a special place in my heart.

I look forward to welcoming you to Primal Physiotherapy, where I’m always ready for a chat and a good laugh and to hopefully get to know a little more about you as well!

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