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Your Road to Recovery with Primal Physiotherapy TAC Services

Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your TAC rehabilitation. Join us at Primal Physiotherapy Derrimut and embark on an incredible road to recovery. Start your journey today and let us lead you towards a healthier, stronger, and more vibrant you.

Streamlined TAC Rehabilitation: Primal Derrimut Physiotherapy

Welcome to Primal Derrimut TAC Physiotherapy, where we strive to provide seamless rehabilitation for all TAC clients with active claim numbers.

We understand the importance of a hassle-free recovery process, which is why we are proud to announce that we do not impose any additional charges for our TAC consultations. By directly billing TAC, we eliminate the need for you to pursue reimbursement and prevent any unnecessary expenses from burdening your finances. Our team collaborates closely with both TAC and your case managers to ensure that you receive the rightful care and support you deserve on your road to recovery.

Tailored TAC Physiotherapy at Primal Physiotherapy Derrimut

What sets us apart:

Comprehensive Assessment: Understanding Your Needs

Our experienced physiotherapists will conduct a thorough assessment to understand the nature and extent of your injuries. We take the time to listen to your concerns and goals, allowing us to create a tailored treatment plan that addresses your specific needs.

Active Rehabilitation: Empowering Your Recovery

We believe in an active approach to rehabilitation, focusing on empowering you to regain strength, mobility, and functionality. Our physiotherapists will guide you through targeted exercises and therapeutic techniques to promote healing, improve range of motion, and enhance your overall physical well-being.

Hands-On Manual Therapy: Targeted Techniques for Relief

In addition to active rehabilitation, we utilise hands-on manual therapy techniques to alleviate pain, reduce muscle tension, and enhance tissue healing. Our skilled physiotherapists will employ various techniques, such as joint mobilisation, soft tissue mobilisation, and myofascial release, to provide targeted relief and support your recovery.

Individualised Care: Personalised Approach to Your Recovery

We understand that every TAC client has unique circumstances and goals. That’s why we provide personalised care that takes into account your specific needs and aspirations. Our team will work closely with you to create a treatment plan that is tailored to your condition, ensuring that you receive the most effective care for your recovery.

Embark on Your TAC Physiotherapy Journey Today with Primal Physiotherapy Derrimut

If you’re looking for comprehensive and effective physiotherapy services covered by the Transport Accident Commission (TAC), look no further than Primal Physiotherapy. Our experienced team is ready to guide you on your path to recovery and help you regain optimal physical function.

At Primal Physiotherapy, we understand the unique challenges faced by individuals involved in motor vehicle accidents. That’s why we offer personalised care that is specifically tailored to your needs and goals. Our skilled therapists will work closely with you to develop a customized treatment plan that addresses your specific injuries and concerns.

Don’t let your injuries hold you back any longer. Take the first step towards your road to recovery today. Trust in the expertise of Primal Physiotherapy to provide you with exceptional care and transformative results. Contact us now and start your TAC physiotherapy journey with us.

Had a session today with Anthony and it was great! Really listened to my concerns and genuinely wanted to help me with my shoulder pain! As soon as I walked in I was greeted by the most welcoming staff ❤️ everyone is so lovely and I will be coming back! Looking forward to my next session.
William L
Just wrapped up another visit to Derrimut Primal, and I’m reminded why I keep coming back. It’s not just the spotless facilities or the modern equipment that makes this place stand out—it’s the people.
Christian Mengler
Just started my Physio with Andreas to help with my neck and shoulder issues that would trigger eye migraines, from my first consult I noticed immediate improvements, my neck and shoulders have never felt this good! Andreas is very knowledgeable and thorough, giving very clear and easy advice to take home and continue therapy too.
Brendan Le
I've been going to Primal Physiotherapy in Derrimut for around 2 months and have experienced a drastic improvement in my knee injury. Sarah at the reception is super friendly and Dann is an awesome physio. On top of being friendly and personable, Dann had personal experience with knee pain from volleyball in the past and used it to inform his decisions with my own recovery .....

We welcome all private health.

At Primal Physiotherapy Derrimut, we accept private health insurance with on-the-spot claims with companies such as Bupa, Medibank, NIB, AHM, HCF, and many more!

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