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Primal Physiotherapy Camberwell


Reduce pain, swelling, and tightness with a Deep Tissue Massage Camberwell. A Massage in Camberwell by Physios resulting in better a recovery!

Give us a visit – 782 Burke Road, Camberwell Vic 3124

Are you feeling tightness in your neck, shoulders & back?
Feeling soreness and restriction when moving?
You need a massage.

Our Physio Massage Difference

Whether you are working in a warehouse or sitting in an office there are certain parts of your muscles that require maintenance to keep it moving freely.

As we get older or do a lot of repetitive work our muscles need to be looked after or it will cause strain on the whole body. We understand life gets in the way and we should still take some time to give our body some caring.

A Physiotherapy Massage is a medical practice that has a combination of deep tissue massage, dry needling, and cupping to help relieve your symptoms more effectively.

Get your massage done by a fully qualified Physiotherapist and feel the difference at Primal Physiotherapy Camberwell.

Our massages will help with

Reducing tightness in areas connecting to other muscles ( Neck, Shoulders, Back, Calves, etc..)

Hitting deep in the right areas that cause pain and have muscle knots.

The most effective way to a faster recovery

 Meet Your Camberwell Massage Therapists

Friendly & Experienced Massage Therapists ready to reduce any pain.

Lisa Tran Principle Physio

Lisa Tran

Principal Physiotherapist

Jen Spero - Physiotherapist at Primal Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Jen Spero


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Will Arnel


What our clients have to say about us.

With over 250 Five star reviews on Google, we will keep pushing for better health standards! . ( Braybrook, Taylors Hill, Camberwell )

{I have seen my fair share of other physiotherapists and even chiropractors and I haven’t ever really received much relief long or short term from any of them. However, Primal has delivered amazing results. The team at Primal Physio have made me feel very welcome and I could not have asked for better care. I couldn't see myself use any other physiotherapy service and would recommend to any one who asks me.{
Kim Le 1
Kim Le
Google review
{Amazing vibe, amazing service and more importantly.. they fix the problem and provide solutions in ensuring similar injury's can be prevented πŸ™‚{
Justin Ashford 1
Justin Ashford
Google review
{AMAZING !! The best guys in Melbourne. You walk in and from start to finish these guys do not disappoint. I have seen many health professionals through out the year and have never been satisfied. The physio team are incredible and the massage therapists are the best i have come across. Thank you Primal πŸ™‚{
Jenny White
Jenny White
Google review, Google review
{What an amazing practice. Primal take so much pride in their environment and how they treat their patients, the staff are all super friendly and professional! I recommend everyone to come and see the team here πŸ™‚{
Maddy Lewis 1
Maddy Lewis
Google review, Google review

Primal Physiotherapy Camberwell

780-782 Burke Rd, Camberwell VIC 3124
(03) 9973 3090

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