We offer massages to rehabilitate, maintain

and enhace the bodies natural mobility.


Benefits of Sports Massage at Primal Braybrook

Some of the specific benefits of sports massage you’ll enjoy include:

  • Increased mobility and flexibility. Aggressive training can cause muscles to become tougher and tighter. Sports massage can help ease this tension.
  • Pain reduction. Many patients report that their sports massage therapy relieves the pain associated with injuries and overuse.
  • Relaxation. Like other types of massage, sports massage stimulates the sensory receptors that respond to touch, help you release endorphins, and generally lift your mood and de-stress your body.

How our Massages will help you move freely without pain

Are you feeling tightness in your neck, shoulders & back? Feeling soreness and restriction when moving?

Reduce pain, swelling, and tightness with a Deep Tissue Massage. A Massage at Primal Braybrook resulting in better a recovery!

At Primal Physiotherapy Braybrook, our therapists are well trained to spot out tight trigger points that are affecting areas of your body.

We understand that tight muscles can cause many problems to do your daily activities so getting a massage is a great start to untighten those overworked muscles.

A  Massage is a medical practice that can be a combination of deep tissue massage, dry needling, and cupping to help relieve your symptoms effectively.

Get a second opinion from one of our Physiotherapist


Are you looking for a second opinion? Have you been unsatisfied with previous treatments and a victim of poor outdated practice? Have you grown tired of not improving whilst spending lots of money on your physiotherapist? Have you been dealing with your problems for too long and no longer know where to turn?

At Primal, we guarantee that you will not leave without understanding your condition and how to best manage it.

Our team has over a decade of experience treating a variety of conditions with outstanding results. Our holistic approach will provide you with a well-rounded treatment plan that will cater to you. We have physiotherapists who are current clinical educators for the University of Melbourne and have experience with high-level athletes from Melbourne Victory & in the AFL. With a wealth of experience in strength and conditioning and thousands of hours of hands-on experience, let Primal help you get better for the long run. 


Opening Hours

Mon & Tues — 9am – 9pm
Weds — 12pm – 8pm
Thurs — 9am – 8pm
Fri — 9am – 8pm
Saturday — 9am – 1pm
Sunday — Closed


Our team is the heart of our business and many have been part of the company since we started.

Our drive, passion, and focus on excellence is embedded in our culture. Empowered to find a better way of doing things and dedicated to the successful delivery of our service, our team is built to outperform.

Lisa Tran Principle Physio

Lisa Tran*Rates apply*

Principal Physiotherapist

photo coming soon

Lisa Huynh

Primal Myotherapist

Jen Spero - Physiotherapist at Primal Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Jen Spero

Primal Physiotherapist

Jen Spero - Physiotherapist at Primal Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Will Arnel

Primal Physiotherapist

Brian Lee - Physiotherapist at Primal Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Brian Lee

Primal Physiotherapist

What our clients have to say about us.

With over 350 Five star reviews on Google, we will keep pushing for better health standards! ( Braybrook, Taylors Hill, Camberwell )

{I can't recommend these guys highly enough! Since commencing my initial treatment for an injury last year, I've now progressed to regular reformer pilates classes. I also definitely recommend seeing Deeya for remedial massage, cupping, and dry needling. James, Lisa, and the team are consistently welcoming and accommodating. I'm definitely grateful to have this as my local physio practice.{
Brook Evans 1
Brooke Evans-Brookes
Google review,
{An amazing and warm environment to be in. Attentive staff who really get to know your circumstances rather than just an ordinary client. The team here are technical in their field and are exceptional in correcting proper form and movement.{
Daniel Vong 2
Daniel Vong
Google review,
{Been a regular client for multiple services - I highly recommend Primal Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation to anyone needing either a deep tissue massage for maintenance work (tight muscles), building up and strengthening your core in Pilates, or simply needing to prepare your body for optimal performance in Myotherapy.{
Eric Lay
Eric Lay
Google review,
{Amazing clinic run by physios that really do care. It’s hard to find a physio that ticks all the boxes but Primal Camberwell definitely does. Thank you Lisa and Jen for being so amazing (and James for the good chats when he’s on reception too), I honestly don’t have a bad thing to say about Primal 🙂{
Sharne Pillar
Sharne Pillar
Google review,
{Staff are very friendly and knowledgable. Jenn Spero is a great physiotherapist who always comes prepared! I also really love the atmosphere of the place and how it has it's own exercise equipment so all the exercises are demonstrated clearly.{
Christopher Gomez
Christopher Gomez
Google review,

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