Best Rehab Classes Camberwell customised for injuries and post-surgery recovery.

Have you recently come out of surgery or have an injury?

As your body is in a delicate stage, it’s important that we put a program in place to ensure your recovery is achieved in the fastest & safest way possible.
Rehab classes are tailored to your needs and have a combination of resistance training, pilates, and functional re-training. 

How Physiotherapy Rehab Classes Can Help You

At Primal Physiotherapy Camberwell, It takes about 3-4 Physio Sessions to be able to understand and write up your own personalized tailored program and attend rehab classes.

We run a small class of up to 6 people that utilizes a combination of different pilates & gym equipment to assist with getting you back on track with your goals.


  1. Rehab Classes Assists:
  2. Chronic Pain – lower back, neck & shoulders, knee
  3. Post Knee Surgery – arthroscopes, reconstructions, strains/tears
  4. Posture related conditions – headaches, upper back/shoulder tension
  5. Pre & Post Natal & Pelvic Floor conditions
  6. General Strength and Conditioning
  7. Core Strengthening
  8. Hip Stability Training

Get a second opinion from our Principal Physiotherapist

Are you looking for a second opinion? Have you been unsatisfied with previous treatments and a victim of poor outdated practice? Have you grown tired of not improving whilst spending lots of money on your physiotherapist? Have you been dealing with your problems for too long and no longer know where to turn?

At Primal, we guarantee that you will not leave without understanding your condition and how to best manage it.

Lisa, our principal physiotherapist, has had almost a decade of experience treating a variety of conditions with outstanding results. Her holistic approach will provide you with a well-rounded treatment plan that will cater to you. Lisa is a current clinical educator for the University of Melbourne and oversees the clinical operations of Primal Physiotherapy. She has also had experience with high-level athletes from Melbourne Victory & in the AFL. With a wealth of experience in strength and conditioning and thousands of hours of hands-on experience, let Primal help you get better for the long run. 

Opening Hours

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Weds — 12pm – 8pm
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Saturday — 9am – 1pm
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