Best Physiotherapy Clinic in Taylors Hill.

Our physios will guide you through your injury so you can return back to work, life, and exercise pain-free!


Best Physiotherapy in Taylors Hill that will get you back to life, work, and exercise pain-free.

When life gets busy we often forget about looking after our bodies. As your body is overworked, certain areas face more loads of strain which eventually leads to soreness, tightness, and even pain.

They’re most likely muscle-related issues that can be resolved in a few sessions with our Physiotherapists in Taylors-Hill.

Our Taylors Hill Physiotherapists

Physiotherapists can help with many areas when it comes to the human body. Doctors would refer you to see a Physiotherapist if you need help with anything related to:

Acute & chronic spinal conditions/disc protrusions/bulges. muscular pain
Sports & training-related injuries – overuse injuries, muscle strains, ligament Sprains, Tendinopathy
Posture-related conditions – headaches, upper back & shoulder pain
Pre & post-Natal,  Pelvic floor conditions
Pre & Post-surgery rehabilitation
Clinical rehab classes

We ensure to deliver premium 1:1 consultations with longer appointment times and a clear plan for long term recovery results.


If you are experiencing any of the below, WE CAN HELP.

Acute & chronic spinal conditions/disc protrusions/bulges, muscular pain
Sports & training-related injuries – overuse injuries, muscle strains, ligament sprains, tendinopathy
posture-related conditions – headaches, upper back & shoulder pain
Pre & post-Natal, plus pelvic floor conditions
Post-surgery rehabilitation


Our team are the heart of our business and many have been part of the company since we started.

Our drive, passion and focus on excellence are embedded in our culture. Empowered to find a better way of doing things and dedicated to the successful delivery of our service, our team is built to outperform.

Andreas Zacharakis

Andreas Zacharakis

Primal Physiotherapist

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Lisa Huynh

Primal Myotherapist

Lisa Tran

Maddy Keryk

Primal Physiotherapist

Lisa Tran

Lisa Tran *rates apply*

Principal Physiotherapist

Get a second opinion from one of our Physiotherapists

Are you looking for a second opinion? Have you been unsatisfied with previous treatments and a victim of poor outdated practice? Have you grown tired of not improving whilst spending lots of money on your physiotherapist? Have you been dealing with your problems for too long and no longer know where to turn?

At Primal Physio Taylors Hill, we guarantee that you will not leave without understanding your condition and how to best manage it.

Our team of physiotherapists, have over a decade of experience treating a variety of conditions with outstanding results. Our holistic approach will provide you with a well-rounded treatment plan that will cater to you. Our team have a wealth of experience with high level athletes from Melbourne Victory & in the AFL. Our team all have experience in strength and conditioning and thousands of hours of hand-on experience, let Primal help you get better for the long run. 

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Sunday — Closed


At Primal Physiotherapy Taylors Hill, we accept private health insurance with on the spot claiming with companies such as Bupa, Medibank, NIB, AHM, HCF and many more!

Medicare Card
Work Safe Victoria
TAC Transport Accident Commission
Department of Veterans' Affairs card

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