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Primal Physiotherapy Taylors Hill


Reduce pain, swelling, and tightness with a Deep Tissue Massage in Taylors Hill. A Massage in Taylors Hill by Physios resulting in better recovery!

Give us a visit – Shop 10 Taylors Hill Village, 127 Gourlay Rd, Taylors Hill Vic 3037

Do you work for long periods of time?

Are you sick of pain in your neck, shoulder, or back?


A Massage will relax and help heal those tight muscles.

How our Physio Massages will help you move freely without pain again

At Primal Physiotherapy Taylors Hill, our therapists are well trained to spot out tight trigger points that are affecting areas of your body.

We understand that tight muscles can cause many problems to do your daily activities so getting a massage is a great start to untighten those overworked muscles.

A Physiotherapy Massage can be a  combination of deep tissue massage, dry needling, and cupping to help relieve your symptoms effectively.

After your massage, you will be feeling:


Feeling much happier and lighter.

Less tightness, pain, and restriction moving your body.

Meet Your Taylors Hill Physio Massage Therapists

Friendly & Experienced Physios ready to get you back to being pain-free.

Andreas Zacharakis

Andreas Zacharakis

Physiotherapist Massage

Tran Nguyen

Tran Nguyen

Physiotherapist Massage

Brian Lee - Physiotherapist at Primal Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Brian Lee

Physiotherapist Massage

Lisa Tran

Maddy Keryk

Physiotherapist Massage

Primal Physiotherapy Exterior Entrance

Primal Physiotherapy Taylors Hill

Shop 10 Taylors Hill Village, 127 Gourlay Rd, Taylors Hill VIC 3037
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