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The Best Physiotherapy near YARRAVILLE offering
Physiotherapy, Massage, Personal Training, and Rehab Classes.

Are you looking for a physio near Yarraville?

If you are experiencing an injury during vigorous physical activity or a change in lifestyle(working from home), visiting a qualified physio near Yarraville may be a step you should take.

Addressing the root cause of lingering pain that your currently experiencing is the best step forward if you donโ€™t want it to get worse and affect your daily activities stopping you from work overall.

Physiotherapist guiding a man to recover from injury

Back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, knee pain..etc are common bothersome injuries. Our Physio near Yarraville will guide you through your injury by understanding your movements and what has caused them.

You will receive a thorough assessment and plan with your therapist to address your issues. Our massage services are claimable with private health insurance.
Reducing pain, swelling, tension, and fatigue that will help you avoid future injuries. Essential for peak performance that comes with many benefits that will make you feel like your best again.
Physiotherapist working on a specialised training program with customer doing leg squat.
All of our Physio Personal Trainers come from an allied health background. Who best to get you into shape than those that have studied the human body extensively? We customize training to fit your goals.
Physiotherapist working through a rehab class with client so they can return back to their daily task with ease

Our team of professionals treat everyone as they would like to be treated. We see you first, not your disability. We donโ€™t shy away from people with disabilities โ€“ we want every individual to relax and be themselves!

Primal Physiotherapy near Yarraville

With a fresh take on Sports & Spinal physiotherapy, Primal Physiotherapy aims to provide a premium service at a more affordable price for athletes and individuals looking for high-end service. With extensive training and all the appropriate qualifications, our physiotherapists are more than well-prepared to help โ€” theyโ€™re eager to assist you, too. Allow us to develop a good working relationship with you as we engage in active recovery strategies.

Primal Physiotherapy massage lower back

Common Injuries Physiotherapy can help recover 

Below we list common injuries that everyday people like yourself can get at any stage of their life. Itโ€™s important that you seek to see us so our Physiotherapists so they can put a plan to overcome these small issues before they become long-term disabilities.

  • Back & Low Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Shin & Calf Pain
  • Wrist, Hand & Finger Pain
  • Muscle Pain
  • Elbow & Forearm Pain
  • Foot & Ankle Pain
  • Hip & Groin Pain

Meet Your Yarraville Physiotherapist

Friendly & Experienced Physiotherapist ready to guide you back to life, work, and exercise pain-free.

Lisa Tran

Principal Physiotherapist

Lisa Tran

Jen Spero - Physiotherapist at Primal Physiotherapy Camberwell

Primal Physiotherapist

Jen Spero

Tran Nguyen

Primal Physiotherapist

Tran Nguyen

Jen Spero - Physiotherapist at Primal Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Primal Physiotherapist

Will Arnel

Tran Nguyen

Primal Physiotherapist

Brian Lee

Vanessa Toh

Primal Physiotherapist

Chris Choi

Primal Physiotherapy Exterior Entrance

Primal Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Braybrook

Braybrook Shopping Centre, 10/227 Ballarat Rd, Braybrook VIC 3019
(03) 9995 8044

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Mon & Tues โ€” 9am โ€“ 9pm
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What our clients have to say about us.

With over 450 Five star reviews on Google, we will keep pushing for better health standards! ( Braybrook, Taylors Hill, Camberwell )

{Would definitely recommend, had a great experience here. Very friendly and informative staff that were able to help identify and rectify mobility issues.{
Gordon So
Gordon So
Google review,
{I can't recommend these guys highly enough! Since commencing my initial treatment for an injury last year, I've now progressed to regular reformer pilates classes. I also definitely recommend seeing Deeya for remedial massage, cupping, and dry needling. James, Lisa, and the team are consistently welcoming and accommodating. I'm definitely grateful to have this as my local physio practice.{
Brook Evans 1
Brooke Evans-Brookes
Google review,
{An amazing and warm environment to be in. Attentive staff who really get to know your circumstances rather than just an ordinary client. The team here are technical in their field and are exceptional in correcting proper form and movement.{
Daniel Vong 2
Daniel Vong
Google review,
{I highly recommend Will at Primal Physio Braybrook! He is extremely knowledgeable, attentive and helpful with a caring nature. I first came to the clinic in a wheelchair after being hospitalised for over 2 months and I am now starting to walk again, thanks to Wills help! I suffered serious fractures from a horrific accident and Will has been able to help me transition into regular life again and reach incredible goals in such a short time. Wills determination and drive is empowering and incredibly memorable! The front of house staff are also very welcoming, creating an atmosphere full of joy on each visit.{
Marie A Cecilia
Marie A Cecilia
Google review,

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