Tristan Costa Primal Physiotherapist

Hi, My name is Tristan and I am a physiotherapist here at Primal physiotherapy, I completed a Bachelor of Exercise Science at RMIT University and Doctor of Physiotherapy at Bond University on the Gold Coast. I played several sports growing up including footy which was by far the favourite as well as enjoying boxing, basketball and futsal. My hobbies include playing sport, camping, 4×4, travelling, motorbike riding, fishing and socialising with friends 

My passion for physiotherapy stems from an extensive involvement in sport and many subsequent visits to the physio as a client for various injuries over the years. Getting individuals back to their optimal function, improving quality of life and maximising performance is what motivates me to provide the best care possible. Seeing my clients achieve goals and sharing in the triumphs of their rehabilitation journey gives me tremendous satisfaction and reminds me how fortunate I am to be a physiotherapist.

Some of my most cherished professional achievements in addition to completing my studies include submitting my first research paper, receiving a Dean’s award for academic excellence at university and discharging my first client.

I consider myself a dedicated professional that values hard work, honesty, passion and care when providing a physiotherapy service. I believe these to be essential attributes in enabling my clients to apply the tailored therapeutic modalities used in clinic into improving every aspect of their lives.

My professional journey began when I was 14 years old and hobbled into my first physiotherapy consultation with a torn hamstring. The guidance I received throughout my return to sport journey was invaluable and from that point on, I knew that physiotherapy was the pathway I wanted to pursue. I found that my passion for human movement which I gained from sports involvement made every facet of learning in this field that much more enjoyable.

I aspire to help my clients by being invested in their well-being and use my skills to support them on their rehabilitation journey and achieving both lifestyle and fitness goals. I will use my knowledge in human physiology, anatomy, biomechanics, and social factors to formulate a good understanding of your clinical presentation. I also pride myself on providing clients with up-to-date treatment modalities to optimise rehabilitation outcomes.

Providing solutions for others is an integral part of my role. This begins in the clinic by guiding clients on their rehab journey and treating the whole person by implementing steps to overcoming physical, psychological and social barriers to recovery. Providing solutions also pertains to liaising with colleagues, NDIS coordinators and case managers to take a collaborative approach to ensuring our clients are progressing well and that their needs are being well advocated for.

I pride myself on providing a thorough, effective and ethical service with a holistic approach to treatment. I like to consider myself a lifelong learner and am always looking to employ treatment modalities supported by the latest research. I am committed to establishing good rapport and lasting relationships with clients to be a constant pillar of support for them throughout their recovery and beyond. My aim is to maximise client satisfaction and long-term outcomes to improve overall quality of life and performance.

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