Lewis Jaksic Primal Physiotherapist

Hi there! My name is Lewis and I am one of the Physiotherapists here at Primal Physiotherapy. I am passionate with all things to do with movement, so the decision to pursue Physiotherapy was a natural one. I provide a wealth of experience and knowledge to do with strength training and exercise prescription, working as a Personal Trainer prior to practising as a Physiotherapist.

I completed a Bachelor of Exercise Science at La Trobe University, before completing a Masters of Physiotherapy at Swinburne University, graduating and practising since 2021.

I grew up within predominantly the eastern suburbs, appreciating the nature I was surrounded by from an early age. From as early as 5 years old I have been involved in competitive sports. I competed in motocross for a number of years before transitioning into AFL during the winter, and cricket in the summer. To this day I continue to enjoy playing competitive cricket. I love to be doing something active. Whether it is at the gym almost everyday, outdoors riding my mountain bike or hiking and exploring somewhere new.

Unfortunately, I had a number of injuries whilst playing all of the sport I did. With this, a number of Physiotherapy sessions were completed to rehab those injuries. This peaked an interest at an early age, an interest that only thrived as I continued to learn more about the human body. The choice was a no brainer, and to this day I am a self-proclaimed nerd for all things Physiotherapy, listening to podcasts and keeping up to date with the ever evolving field of Physiotherapy.

I am incredibly passionate about movement and education. Educating to uncoil the many misnomers currently surrounding the health and fitness industry. I want everyone to have the opportunity to be the best version of themselves is whichever form that may take. I also have the desire to continue to progress and evolve Physiotherapy as a profession to ensure every Physiotherapist has the ability to provide the highest level of care to each client that roles through their door.

The feeling of getting someone back to 100%, to the sport or activity they love to do, there is no better feeling. Each and every time, this feels like the biggest accomplishment to me and the reason I love what I do everyday.

So how can I help you? I can help you with a specific plan tailored towards your goals. What you want to achieve is my number one priority. This can extend into performance programs alongside rehabilitation to not only reduce pain and prevent re-injury, but improve your ability for a given sport or activity.

I am a very active treater. I love to empower people to move and focus on what each individual can do rather than what they cannot. You can expect to be active in a session with myself in a way that aligns with the goals you want to achieve.

To compliment this, hands on treatment techniques are utilised to reduce pain and help achieve movement goals. This can be in the forms of massage and mobilisation, as well as other techniques including dry needling.

I will provide you with the highest level of Physiotherapy care, leaving no stone unturned to ensure you meet your goals and performance outcomes.