James kristanto Primal Physiotherapist

Hi! My name is James, and I am a physiotherapist her at Primal physiotherapy. I completed my Master of Physiotherapy at Swinburne University of Technology and Bachelor of Exercise Science (Clinical Practice) at Victoria University.

Prior to becoming a physiotherapist, I was working as a personal trainer and crossfit coach. During that period, I realised that a lot of my clients were dealing with injuries of some sort. Even with the lack of injurie rehabilitation knowledge back then, I found that corrective exercise is a very powerful tool in returning clients to their full capacity.

Having gone through my physiotherapy study I further developed my skills in being able to assess and treat injuries confidently. With my experienced background in sports and exercise science, I found that clients responded better to physio when they were having fun and enjoyed the journey.
I love working with clients while keeping things fun and low-key. I believe physiotherapy care shouldn’t be boring or dull but more enjoyable and uplifting.

I used to get a lot of injuries from doing competitive powerlifting and crossfit, hence I understand the physical and mental struggles that come with injuries. This was the primary driver for me to choose a career in physiotherapy. I always have and love to help as many people as I can to get out of their injury struggles and get back to doing what they love.

I remember helping a client identify that his lack of progress at the gym was more so as a result of poor programming. Due to poor programming, he felt tired all the time and he frequently dealt with aches/niggles that hindered his progress. Once we tailored the programming based on his individual needs, he started noticing a much more consistent progress at the gym and improvement in his energy level in general.

One of the greatest feelings I remember is discharging my first patient who suffered from severe lower back pain unable to work, gym and hold his children. After several weeks of consistency and tailored programming he was able to return to his normal life and gym routine without any pain or discomfort and we set out an ongoing management plan for him to follow to make sure he stayed on track. This was rewarding for me as I saw the pain my client was in and there was nowhere to turn.

In my spare time I see family and friends and I live a very active lifestyle; I like to play a lot of soccer and basketball with friends and still attend my CrossFit. I enjoy doing outdoor activities, e.g.: hiking, mini golf, trail walking on my days off and also continue my journey of Olympic weightlifting

I was always raised to treat everyone as equal and believe myself to be Loyal, kind and genuine. My goal for my clients is to see all of them return to pain free and normal function while enjoying there rehabilitation journey.

My key interests are:

Return to sports
Pre & Post-surgical rehabilitation
Improve gym and sports performance
Deep tissue massage/cupping/dry needling

James Kristanto weight lifting