Thomas Hurst Primal Osteopath

I attended Keilor Downs Secondary College and studied Osteopathy at Victoria University. I play cricket for Taylors Lakes in the Victorian Sub-District Cricket Association. I love following all sports, particularly cricket, and closely support Essendon in the AFL and the Melbourne Storm in the NRL. I love rock and heavy metal music and seeing my favourite bands live in concert. I also enjoy going on adventures with my partner Jess and 2 dogs Daisy and Cooper.

I am motivated to make a difference to people’s health and to help them reach their individual goals – this could be just to get out of bed pain free every morning or help an athlete get back out on the track after sustaining an injury.

My greatest accomplishments professionally have included starting my own manual handling training program and providing this to high-risk workers at the workplace. This has helped to prevent injuries to these workers and increased awareness and a culture of safe work practices and health prioritization. I have also helped numerous workers who have sustained debilitating injuries return to work through proactive management and ongoing support.

Personally, I’m lucky to have the support of great friends and family and live a happy and healthy life, which I regard as my biggest accomplishment.

I believe in treating my clients with the utmost respect, no matter who they are and where they come from. I will always be open and honest with my clients about how best to manage their conditions, whilst building trust that they have come to the right place to manage their injury.

I graduated from VCE in 2012, and with an interest in sport and exercise commenced a degree in Exercise Science. Not long after this, I wanted to explore hands-on therapy and transferred to an Osteopathy course. In 2018, I graduated with a Masters degree in Osteopathy from Victoria University. From here, I pursued a career in the corporate Injury Management and Wellbeing environment through a major logistics company and now a Local Government organisation, where I developed my understanding of the Workers Compensation scheme and how to best return workers back to work after injury.

As a health professional at Primal, I believe in providing the best treatment possible that is specific to a client’s injury, their goals and their treatment preferences. This can include a focus on hands-on massage and joint mobilisation, on strength and conditioning, or a combination of these modalities. I will also focus on education, pain relief strategies and helping provide a medium and long-term treatment plan to manage current (and prevent future) injuries.

I have provided solutions to others in the corporate environment by setting up a Return to Work Plan to enable them to return to their duties in a graduated and supported way, and answering any related questions they may have from the time of injury to when they are back to full health. In the clinic environment, I have helped clients manage their injuries by providing pain relief strategies and suggested modified ways to perform their everyday tasks or sport activities that will prevent further injury aggravation.

Clients can see me if they want to understand more about how an Osteopath can treat and manage their injuries. I have been exposed to a wide variety of injuries and seen first-hand what management strategies work best for certain conditions. With my background in corporate Injury Management, I have a sound understanding of Workcover and Return to Work procedures and can help provide support to clients and organisations with this complex process.


Thomas Hurst Primal