Hi, I am Tran Nguyen!

I am an American living in Melbourne, Victoria and completely enjoying it!

Tran Nguyen

Tran Nguyen

I moved to Melbourne for a change in lifestyle and to complete my Doctor of Physiotherapy degree at the same time.
I enjoy trying new things, but my hobby is tasting new beers and drinking good coffee with my friends.

When I’m not at work, I train at the gym, create new and innovative exercises for my clients, cook/bake, facetime my family/friends overseas, and draw. You can say I am “jack of all trades.” Although I spent over 8 years developing and improving my physiotherapy craft, I am continuing to learn from the new and old concepts to improve my physio skills. Overall, knowledge is wealth and it is important to exercise your body but also your mind.

Primal Physiotherapy squat exercise

Tran – Making sure that the squat movement is activating the correct areas to achieve the best rehab result.


I want to brew my own beer one day!

One of my favorite brewery is Quiet Deeds or Bentspoke (for their fancy can design). There are so many craft breweries around so I can’t really play too many favourites.

About Tran holding a beer

What is your Favourite state/city in the USA?

Portland is definitely my favorite city, not trying to be biased. It has all of my favorite things that I like to do. But Chicago has a special place in my heart as my family is from there.

About Tran


The most confusing thing about Australian culture when you moved over here?

The most confusing thing is listening through all the accents people have and the slang that was used.


I look forward to treating you in your next appointment! You can book me in below at Taylors Hill or Braybrook.

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10/227 Ballarat Rd
Braybrook VIC 3019
(03) 9995 8044

Primal Physiotherapy Taylors Hill
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