Hi I’m Maddy Keryk!

I play football for Geelong in the AFLW, as well as working as a physiotherapist at Primal Physiotherapy.


Madeline Keryk – Physiotherapist at Primal Physiotherapy

I first got into footy by following my 3 older brothers down to Auskick when I was in primary school and I haven’t stopped playing since then. I love playing footy which is why I’m still playing today. In juniors, I was usually the only girl in our team, or on any team we played against, so it is great to see how the opportunities for girls have grown since then.

Since the start of the AFLW the number of girls being given access to play footy has exploded, and continue to build each year. It’s my hope that the young girls today will experience equality in the future, and not be given fewer resources and opportunities because of their gender.

Footy is what keeps me going and that’s why I love it!

I love playing football because it is so challenging both physically and mentally. You have to be a well-rounded athlete that has both explosive power and endurance, so training keeps me very fit and healthy. Mentally, it is difficult to focus for the whole game, especially as you fatigue, but I enjoy the challenge. My favourite thing about footy is that it is a team sport where I have met some of my closest friends, which makes it heaps of fun. You rely upon your teammates for every training and game which is what motivates me to become a better player. Footy is crucial to maintaining my physical, social and emotional wellbeing.


Why I chose Primal Physiotherapy and a career as a Physiotherapist

It’s challenging to balance my training commitments with my busy work schedule but Primal Physiotherapy have been super supportive of my football journey which has made things much easier. I completed my Doctorate degree at the University of Melbourne. The physiotherapy knowledge has helped me with my footy career as I understand the importance of exercise for injury prevention and how to build upon my current fitness to further enhance my performance. I use my physiotherapy background to keep myself in the best condition possible and to maximise my performance on the field. I also use my footy background when working as a physio, bringing in my knowledge of working in a high-performance environment to help clients maximise their rehab and game-day performance.

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I look forward to treating you in your next appointment! You can book me in below at the Taylors Hill location.

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