Hi, I am Brian Lee!

You can call me the Jump Physio! Physiotherapist – Strength and Conditioning Coach.

Brian Lee - Physiotherapist at Primal Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Brian Lee

The Reason I Became A Physiotherapist

Everything started when I got my injuries growing up in high school. I experienced many ankle sprains, a MCL Injury (Medial Collateral Ligament), medial meniscus tear, and had lower back pain which made me have to kneel in class because I couldn’t sit without excruciating pain. It was tough not being able to explain why I did this to my friends and classmates who asked. I eventually figured that all these injuries were sports-related. I hated sitting on the sidelines watching my mates play while I nursed my injures. I remember when my mother took me to see a physiotherapist, I was sitting on a chair listening to them explain the reasons why I was always in pain and how certain movements lead to more pain. I immediately knew that it was the career for me. I now love helping clients, friends, and family get back into sports, and seeing them move freely without pain gives me massive satisfaction. I love what I do!

What do I get up to outside being a Physiotherapist?

Outside of work I enjoy exercising and keeping fit. I love playing basketball (I’m a Lebron fan). You will find me shooting hoops and playing in the social leagues around the western suburbs. If I’m not playing basketball I’m in the gym doing some form of weight training which I have been doing for more than 10 years now. I started in high school so that I wouldn’t be as easily picked on and I’ve been addicted since. Now I go through phases of jump training, strength training, and bodybuilding. It keeps me physically fit and works well as a stress reliever.

Brian Lee Primal Taylors Hill scaled

Brian Lee Physiotherapist at Primal Physiotherapy Taylors Hillim

Why I chose Primal Physiotherapy

I chose to work at Primal because of my interest in weight training as well as strength and conditioning. Primal has a great facility to rehab people with the use of exercise to get them back to life. It is also a great place to teach people how to exercise safely after getting them past the painful stage. Besides that, the team and atmosphere is really fun to be around!

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Brian Lee Physiotherapist at Primal Physiotherapy Taylors Hill

If you’re a frequent person who goes to the gym, stays fit, and plays a lot of sports i would love to help you with your injuries and work together in getting you back to your best form!

You can find me at Primal Physiotherapy Braybrook or Taylors Hill location!

Primal Physiotherapy Braybrook 
10/227 Ballarat Rd
Braybrook VIC 3019
(03) 9995 8044

Primal Physiotherapy Taylors Hill
127 Gourlay Rd
Taylors Hill VIC 3037
(03) 8315 7182