Neck pain is such a common presentation in our industry.

Neck pain can come from a variety of causes including sustained postures, weak muscles, disc bulges, irritation, and even muscle tightness. It is important to seek advice from a professional who can assess and diagnose your injury so that you can get the most effective rehab program. Stretches can be helpful and provide you with short-term relief. If you are or have been in pain, you will find that muscles will get tight because of this. Allowing them to adjust to a lengthened position can be very helpful for your rehab.

Hi! it’s Lisa from Primal Physiotherapy.
I am a clinical educator.

Lisa Tran

These exercises are designed to only give you SHORT TERM relief.

Stretch #1 – Side of your Neck

This stretch is designed to give you relief through your upper traps and levator scapulae muscles, which commonly get tight with sustained sitting and increase in screen time.

Step 1. Sit onto your palm while it’s facing up

Step 2. On the Opposite side, bring your ear to your shoulder and look slightly down.

Step 3. Use your other hand to lightly pull down your head for a better stretch for 5 seconds.

(Repeat on the other side)

Stretch #2 – Front Neck Stretch

This stretch helps with the front of your neck, it is a great one to help with people who grind their teeth or clench their jaw. It can even be helpful for those with TMJ (temporomandibular joint) issues!

Step 1. Sit onto your palm while it’s facing up.

Step 2. On the Opposite side, bring your ear to your shoulder and look slightly up and hold it for 5 seconds

(repeat on the other side)

Stretch #3 – Back Of The Neck

This stretch helps with releasing the tension in the back of your neck.

Step 1. Sitting nice and straight, bring your chin towards your chest as the best you can.

Step 2 Take your hand and pull down your head towards your chest for a little extra stretch.


The most important thing with stretches is to go within your pain limits. Pain is generally not a good indicator of tissue damage but more so a warning sign from your body. If you have pain, you should seek help from an experienced physiotherapist.

Primal Physiotherapy has a team of professional sports physiotherapists and musculoskeletal physiotherapists that can properly assess your pain and where it is coming from. We use this information to develop a tailored treatment plan that can help get you back to your goals – whatever they may be!

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